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Why Us

Planning for the future is more than just ticking boxes; it encompasses a holistic approach to safeguard every aspect of you or your loved one's wellbeing and independence.

At "It's All In One Place", we specialise in guiding you through both the significant decisions and the subtle nuances that make care genuinely personalised, as well as the often overlooked but crucial step of claiming the benefits you are entitled to.


Our services help you plan for the future in a way that honours your wishes down to the finest detail; as well as offering specialised support in benefits claims, ensuring you gain the financial support necessary to maintain independence and dignity.

Our expertise lies in understanding the subtle nuances that make future decisions and care deeply personal and tailored to individual needs. We believe in paying attention to the small yet pivotal details that mirror true personal preferences.

In addition, we ensure that navigating benefits claims becomes a stress-free process, empowering you with financial security and peace of mind.

Happy Family



To transform future planning into a process marked by empathy, expertise, and innovation, creating a supportive community where every care journey is respected and valued.



To empower individuals and families with personalised, compassionate solutions for future planning, ensuring every decision is secure, personalised, and dignified.

Our Story


At "It's All In One Place," our journey is inspired by a deep-rooted compassion, meticulous observation, and a steadfast dedication to revolutionise care planning and support independence. Our foundation is built on the extensive experience of our founder, who spent over two decades navigating the complexities of social care across private providers, charities, local authorities, and the NHS. 

Addressing the Core Challenges:

  • Complex Benefits Process: The daunting task of navigating through complex benefits claims and paperwork often leaves individuals overwhelmed and unsure, risking essential financial support.

  • Benefits Eligibility Confusion: Many struggle to understand which benefits they're eligible for, leading to uncertainty and potential loss of vital support and independence.

  • The Challenge of Repetition: We observed the unnecessary strain placed on individuals having to recount their personal stories, medical histories, and preferences repeatedly across different care settings. This not only leads to frustration but also to inefficiencies within the care system.

  • The Unshared Aspects of Life: Critical elements that define us, our emotional needs, daily routines, and preferences can be overlooked in traditional care planning. These aspects are essential for care that genuinely reflects an individual's identity and wishes.

  • The Culture of Silence: In British culture, discussions around future planning, care needs, or end-of-life considerations are often shunned. This reluctance to engage in meaningful conversations about the future impedes our preparedness for life's un-predictabilities.

At "It's All In One Place," we stand as a beacon of hope and support in addressing the complexities of future planning and navigating the often overwhelming world of benefits claims. Our mission is born from a deep commitment to simplify these processes, making them seamless and empowering for everyone. We aim to uphold the independence of individuals by ensuring they can access the benefits they rightfully deserve, thereby reducing financial stress and enhancing access to necessary care and support.

Our services are crafted with the core belief in the significance of preparedness, dignity, and choice. We are dedicated to empowering individuals and their families to face the future with confidence, equipped with the knowledge and support they need to maintain their autonomy and ensure their wishes are honoured.

By tackling the challenges of complex benefits processes, confusion around eligibility, and the broader hurdles in care planning, "It's All In One Place" is more than just a service; it's a movement towards a future where discussions about care and support are framed by respect, understanding, and proactive well-being.

Join us on this journey. Together, we're not just planning for the future; we're redefining it, ensuring every step taken today paves the way for a tomorrow filled with dignity, choice, and peace of mind.

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